Zippi by bweega

Unable to fly, Zippi has only dreamed of adventure. Follow along as Zippi takes off to the sky with the help of his sky teacher in this flightless Adventure for all ages. Zippi will meet all sorts of interesting and strange characters along the way. Just be warned: The higher up Zippi goes, the stranger things get.

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*Contains Flashing Images and Animations*

Unable to fly, Zippi depends on the kindness of others and the Sky Teacher to help navigate the tricky skies. Zippi’s bad luck always lands our favorite bird in some tough spots but Zippi’s can-do attitude and determination is no match for the obstacles ahead. Each Zippi by bweega chapter is a one-minute adventure filled with humorous dialogue, wacky antics and visual artistry. Each chapter starts where the last one left off. Start from chapter 1 or join Zippi by bweega at any time.

Zippi by bweega is free and developed for social media. Zippi is pioneering the future of the story and already changing the way we view digital entertainment. Zippi by bweega isn’t just a great story, it’s a animated adventure that’s a great read for anyone in the family. Mind bending animations and flashing images are a part of this dazzling story.

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